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In July, Shiller Preyar Law Offices (SPLO) won a $185,000 settlement for Patasa Johnson, a Black woman who was beaten by a Chicago Police Department Sergeant while she was restrained in handcuffs. The settlement came after the discovery that in addition to the abuse, Sgt. George Granias owned several racist website domains.

In 2014 Ms. Johnson was pulled over by a state trooper who alleged that she was driving drunk. The officer transported her to the 11th district Chicago Police Department station. It was there, while she was still in handcuffs, that Sgt. Granias violently pulled her from the car, brought her inside, and brutally beat her.

“She was beat up at the police station by a Chicago police sergeant because she was a vocal black woman,” said SPLO Managing Partner Brendan Shiller.

She was so badly beaten that the Cook County Sherriff’s office documented the bruises as soon as she reached the jail so that they wouldn’t be blamed.

All charges against Ms. Johnson have since been dropped, and she decided to file a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago and Granias, so she turned to Shiller.

During discovery SPLO attorneys found video and photographic evidence against Granias, and that he had changed his story several times with the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) about the incident.

But it was the ownership of several racist website domains that tipped the city to settle for $185,000. The sites including ‘n**gadown.com,’ ‘n**gaguns.com,’ and others similarly violent names.

“The fact that somebody in leadership at the Chicago Police Department would take the time to purchase these URLs,” is even more unsettling in light of Granias’ disciplinary record, said Shiller.

Granias had multiple serious complaints against him, demonstrating the dangerous pattern of ignoring civilian complaints against police officers. As of now, he remains on the force.

Shiller Preyar Law Offices works hard every day to get justice for our clients who have been abused by corrupt police officers. Contact our office today if you believe your rights have been violated.

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