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In June, Shiller Preyar Law Offices’ (SPLO) Brendan Shiller and Stephen Berrios convinced a federal judge to throw out a gun charge and rightfully released SPLO’s client to his wife and child.

A year prior, Chicago Police Department officers Ricardo Cuevas and Sebastian Magiera stopped a car that Mr. Baggett was driving. During the course of the stop they searched the car—that did not belong to Mr. Baggett—and recovered a gun and a small amount of cannabis. The owner of the car received a citation for the cannabis while the gun charge was placed on Mr. Baggett.

Thinking that they had a slam dunk, a federal court picked up what should have been a state case. But through expert and experienced legal arguments, SPLO attorneys got the government’s evidence thrown out in a suppression hearing.

In court the two officers revealed different reasons for pulling the car over, contradicting one another and the official arrest reports. One said they ran the car’s plates and found a 10-year-old out of state warrant for the owner of the vehicle, while the other didn’t remember looking up the plates, and that claim was nowhere to be found on the arrest report.

By proving a lack of probable cause, Berrios and Shiller were able to make the winning argument that the initial traffic stop was unconstitutional.

SPLO attorneys, with the support of amazing paralegals, legal secretaries, and other vital staff, are committed to holding the police and other governmental agencies to the highest legal standards.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney committed to justice contact SPLO today!

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