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Today, deportation proceedings uncerimoniously began for Miguel Perez-Montes His family was not notified so as to allow them to bring him money or clothing as is the usual protocaol. His lawyers were not notified and neither was Senator Duckworth. The following is a statement to the press by SPLO Lead Immigration attorney Chris Bergin:

This morning, the corrupt government of Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions, and all their willing accomplices at ICE and USCIS planned and executed a moral outrage against Miguel Perez-Montes, a two tour veteran of the war who risked his life on multiple occasions to defend his country.

Before the war, he was never offered help to apply for citizenship and he actually believed that once he swore in to defend the United States, that he was automatically a U.S. citizen. He was never offered help with citizenship. After his two tours of duty with the special forces, he came back a broken man due to the horrors he witnessed in Afghanistan and the physical brain injury he suffered while there. Upon his return, he received no help from his government in getting treated for his PTSD.

Both the Immigration Judge and ICE denied his request to remain in the United States due to his legitimate fear of returning to Mexico where ex-military veterans are recruited into the cartels and if they refuse, are killed.

We will now appeal his citizenship denial as far up the court ladder as we must climb. Also, we will continue to push the private bill that is pending in the U.S. Senate.

In every era, there are those who act courageously and stand up for those under attack and there are those who do what they are told by vicious governments all over the world. These bureaucrats do not challenge the morality of what they are told to do, instead choosing to demean themselves by carrying out the duties of these governments. Hannah Arendt called it the “banality of evil”. The Immigration Officials will tell you that it is just their job, well, calling it your job still doesn’t make it right.

For those in the immigration apparatus who are veterans, we say shame on you! You never leave a comrade behind! You have chosen to follow the orders of an evil government rather than the moral code you supposedly adhere to as a soldier.

This kind of behavior is exactly what allows corrupt, dictatorial and racist governments to remain in power. To you I say: Even Jesus would never forgive what you have done to Miguel Perez today.

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